India's large and growing economy offers a sizeable market opportunity for many products and services. However, the Indian market is a challenging one, on account of its geography, diverse consumer base, typical consumer behavior of a developing nation and a complex distribution network. Since the markets are still evolving, secondary information is either unreliable or just not present.

Since the mid-1990s, Market Pulse has been offering research based business advisory services particularly to those organizations that are planning to either diversify or enter the market. One of the first assignments was from a South Korean company wanting to develop a business strategy for a building product. Our marketing research and business recommendations regarding pricing, target markets and distribution network helped the Client to multiply their sales revenue almost 6-times in 3 years.

Our in-depth research for Department of Post, Government of India, helped develop an effective strategy to tap the business opportunity presented by direct mail almost 15 years back. Another study identified the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower for the hospitality sector in India – a report that is still cited by the Ministry of Tourism as one of the first in the domain.

Market Pulse offers a specialized market research service that enables organizations to develop an optimum business strategy for the Indian market. Challenges of the Indian market can be overcome with the help of reliable business research services, that research team at Market Pulse provides.

This specialized service has been used by numerous organizations for building successful business strategy for an array of companies in industries ranging from fast moving consumer goods, household appliances, telecom and IT products, health products, chemicals, building materials to industrial products.

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